20150818224311Christians need to become more astute at determining the source of things. For instance: when you hear a song from a favorite gospel artist or group, are you sure their source comes from God? Are they plugged into Holy Ghost power or demonic power?

Just because they can sing good or make you feel goosebumps doesn’t mean God is their source. God may be the source of their gift: but is He the source for how that gift is being used?

Now I know some will say: ‘But Mack, these gospel artists are singing gospel music (or Christian hip hop). Aren’t they giving God the glory and leading others to Christ through their music?”

That depends again on the source. Is their music inspiring people to turn away from their sins, repent and turn to Christ? Is it influencing people to be more holy? If not, you must question the source.

It’s real easy to determine which power is empowering them. Here’s the acid test:

  • When you hear your favorite gospel song being played, what does it make you feel like doing? Does it inspire you to want to worship God with all your heart and soul: or are you really just moved to dance and gyrate your hips?
  • When you see your favorite gospel artist on stage performing or ‘ministering,’ are they dressed in a way that speaks to holiness and godliness? Or do they awaken and excite feelings of lust, sensuality and worldliness?

I remember back in my club scene days, I’d be posted up near the bar whispering game in some woman’s ear: when all of a sudden a Kirk Franklin song would come on. This isn’t meant to bash Kirk or his music in any way. But I’m just keeping it real because this genuinely baffled me. When his music would come on, instead of people leaving the dance floor, they would keep right on dancing without skipping a beat.

No one would pause, ponder, stare in bewilderment or anything. This was amazing to me even while I was in a backslidden state myself, because this was a gospel song being sung by a well known gospel artist, in a NIGHT CLUB! And yet no one felt any sense of conviction or need to change their ways.

The problem with the gospel music artists today is that many if not most are no longer plugged into God as their source. Their desire for worldly acceptance and demonic validation has blinded their hearts and corrupted their gifts.

Again: don’t get the gifting confused with the anointing. God gives people their ability or talent. That’s the gifting. But the person can choose to plug that talent into God’s power for His glory or purposes, or choose instead to plug it into a demonic source for the devil’s glory or purposes.

What does the music inspire you to do? If it doesn’t inspire you to be more holy, to feel a stronger internal desire to dig deeper into His Word and spend more time with our Heavenly Father, or encourage yourself or your brethren in Christ to hold on and keep the faith: then that source does NOT come from God; no matter how talented the artist might be.

A Godly source will inspire you to become more holy and more godly. But a demonic source will encourage you to become more like those who are unsaved and of the world.

This is why you must steer yourself away from gospel artists who are inspiring you after the flesh. You know the type: the ones who go around proclaiming themselves to be ‘sexy’ Christians. Or the ones who are quick to call everyone else judgmental because they don’t agree with mixing the holy with the profane.

The only place a self-proclaimed sexy Christian can lead you to is right into sexual sin. God doesn’t need his people using their bodies to attract others to Him! What type of demonic mess is that?!

Christ has called us to be holy vessels of God, and to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, crucifying our flesh daily so we can walk in holiness and sexual purity. You won’t be able to do that if you’re running around promoting your sexiness to others.

In fact, you’ve already been compromised by the devil if you find yourself feeling defensive as you read this article.

I challenge anyone to find me the verse and scripture where God told anyone to use their bodies or ungodly means to draw others to Jesus. You won’t be able to, because that idea came direct from Hell. It wasn’t inspired by the Holy Spirit: it was inspired by the spirit of Lust.

Those type of gospel artists know they are very talented. But their hearts aren’t right. And you can tell because their approach to their music ministry seems eerily similar to that of the mighty angelic worship leader who fell from God’s grace when he too determined to use his godly gifts to gain worship for himself.

Satan was once the worship angel over all of the heavenly angelic host. He was known back then as Lucifer: the Covering Cherub. God created him with so much talent and beauty that when Lucifer even moved, his very body itself played wonderful worship music that praised God. God created him so that his very limbs and movements produced melodious sounds.

But his talents caused his heart to become lifted up in pride and vainglory. He decided: instead of getting others to worship God when he played and sang his inspiring music, he would get the angels to worship him directly.—Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:13-17

His talent became corrupted. And he lost his eternal place in heaven because of it. But not before corrupting the hearts and minds of many other angels too. How many, we don’t know. But we know that number was numerous according to Rev 12:4.

Now he’s busy with those angels on earth corrupting the worship of the saints of God by getting their favorite gospel artists and worship leaders to steer their attention away from Jesus Christ, and onto themselves and their own fleshly desires.

Creative types have a unique ability to hear from the spirit realm and interpret what they’re hearing or seeing through their art. This is why it’s important to know the source of their inspiration. Don’t confuse their ability with their anointing. Those can be two very distinct different things.

One last story and then I’m done: I remember going to church as a kid, and whenever someone got up to sing a solo, the elder church folk would say things like ‘Let the Lord use you honey.’ They said this because in their wisdom they knew the person could just as easily let a demon use them instead of being used by God. So they encouraged the soloist to channel the power of God for a powerful heavenly impact on the listeners.

It’s time to purge your hearts and ears saints. This message won’t be for everyone, because not everyone who calls himself or herself a believer really is.

Jesus said “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”―Matthew 7:21

This message is for those who truly desire to walk upright and live in such a manner that truly pleases our Heavenly Father.

If you have a strong addiction to listening to demonically inspired music…and remember our test from earlier…it’s time to purge your musical playlist. This is an important step in walking upright before God.

We’re about to enter a phase in our world where darkness and sin will sweep this earth like never before.

God is allowing sin and demonic influence to increase because the time is near for Him to return and bring an end to Satan’s reign of terror.

He’s separating His sheep from Satan’s goats. And all those who are still tinkering and tampering with sin will find it more difficult than ever to pull away. The sin you hold onto is the one that will destroy you. So don’t be destroyed by sin: cast it out!

Go through your musical tastes and playlist. And do this prayerfully with all the honesty you can muster. As you honestly assess each artist you enjoy listening to and their music, ask yourself some simple questions:

What does this music inspire me to do? Am I influenced by this artist and their music to read my bible more, pray more, go to church more, abstain from sexual sin and walk in holiness? Or is it influencing me to think more about myself and my own fleshly desire for worldly and sensual validation?

Be totally honest and transparent. Pray and ask God by His Spirit to help you remove any and all influence from your life that does not match what His ideal for you is. He’ll help you if you sincerely want His help.

*** I talk about this more in my ebook Diva Goddess Queen: Breaking the Power of Soul Ties, Lust and Sexual Demons. Satan is on an all-out attack against those who follow Jesus Christ. So you need all the help you can get to stay protected from the onslaught of evil that’s invading the land today.

Download the ebook today, and fortify your mind and spirit so that you may stand blameless and unashamed before Jesus Christ on the day of His soon return. His return is very near! He’s coming back to judge this world for its many sins, and for how it treated his people. So now is not the time to start slacking in your walk with Him.

I pray your strength in the Lord. God bless.


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  1. Evidently, there are a lot of Christian artistes in search of personal glory
    and don’t care where they get their source from. They produce all kinds of ‘fake’ gospel music and they make
    you wanna listen to Circular music instead. yeah that’s how bad it is.
    indirectly they are pulling people away from God.
    Christians need to be discerning enough to know what to listen to.
    Because its just by Grace that we can overcome these temptations.