Opoku Agyemang Sanaa, president of PL Crew – one of Ghana’s finest bands, and founder of Bass Phactory has stated that, most of the gigs/dealings they have are based on relationships rather than business.

The renowned bass player mentioned that, one could do strictly business and give terms and conditions before playing a gig, however “in this part of the world, we deal more with relationships rather than doing strictly business” he said.

Sanaa was speaking on the Christian Entertainment Review Show on Sunny 88.7 FM, hosted by Israel Ofori on the issue of various disgruntlements between band members on compensations for their jobs done especially for artistes.

He took time to explain some dynamics that go into booking a band for a gig. He reveled that there are options such as full payment before gig, half payment before and half after gig, 70% – 30% payment terms, among others. These are all dependent on the kind of agreement you settle with the artiste you are playing for.

Sanaa, though emphasized that it is God’s work, was quick to also draw listeners attention to the fact that a lot of work and money goes into organizing an event – speaking from the perspective of a band member and event organizer as well.

sanaa 5He advised that, bands should have patience with artistes they play for, in times when their payments are delayed. “You can’t be on the artiste to settle your full payments before the event, if he has not even sorted out his venue and other stuff” he said.

He added that, bands men too need artistes who will also see what goes into making music; the rehearsals, pre & post productions etc and know that some do this for a living.

Sanaa explained further that sometimes however, the issue is not just between the artiste and the band but also between an event organizer and the artiste, because the organizer may have not settled the artiste who will in tend settle his band.

“These are often huge sums of money, because it includes both the money for the artiste and that for the band. In situations like this, the band should not react negatively or blame the artiste entirely, as you can’t expect him to pay you from his pocket”.

He reiterated that, to survive in this industry as a band, one needs to be patient, have the right attitude and sometimes selfless; to be able to put yourself in the shoes of an artiste or event organizer. “…So you don’t go all out and say if I don’t get my money, I’m not doing anything, cos you may end up messing your relationship with the person and the job goes away, and next time no one calls you for any gigs…” This is because even sometimes it is not the fault of the event organizer, as the sponsors may have even not paid the monies they promised.

sanaa 2

The “God Can” hit maker, took the opportunity to announce his upcoming album, to be released this year.

Asked what inspired him to come out with an album as a bass player, Sanaa said,

“well I’ve been playing bass overtime, and i would want to establish myself not only as a bass player, but as a musician, cos I’ve written a lot of songs, some even for other people as well…. I even have compositions that I don’t necessarily play bass in…”

According to Sanaa, the album is about 40% done and will be ready by the end of February; and to be released in March

The album is titled “Sound Optics” and will have 10 songs all written by Sanaa himself. “The album will also consist of different genres of music, that’ll be my perspective of sound/music.., including Azonto, Ballad, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Highlife etc. (all gospel though)”.

He also hinted that there are different artistes featured on the album both from Ghana and outside, with different producers working on it as well.

Sanaa also mentioned that Bass Clinic is coming on live this year as well, and is dubbed “The Ultra Edition” slated for 13th of February 2016.

bass clinic

By: Julius Ofori Boadu

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  1. Its very true it takes lots of effort in getting music out and sometimes because bands also spend time and effort in making sure that rehersal output is unique, they require that they also get appreciated not only in money but also their names being mentioned during gigs as some big bands do just to make them feel appreciated and that alone gives satisfaction.. God bless..