In this time and age where a song like “one corner” has become a music epidemic and not only a social media trend but also a social trend, it is refreshing to know that there are still musical artiste who are actually capable of making music.

Yes music! Music that is comparable to those of the likes of Osibisa, the ramblers, Kojo Antwi, Rex Omar, Nana Ampadu, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Tagoe Sisters and Yaw Sarpong just to mention a few; Music that has structure and form. Music that is made of musical components.

I know good music could be very subjective but let’s be real, you know great music when you hear it; Music that is worth documenting and going back to; music that is worth leaving the next generation. Music that beautifies our culture and sells our rich heritage and humanity.

It is such music that Paulos is determined to continually churn out for the good people of Ghana and beyond to enjoy.

Paulos, (Paul Duah) is a veteran guitarist of many years of experience. He brings aboard a rich pool of musical technique and exotic style. Paul has played for many gospel veterans including the Danny Nettey of blessed memory to whom Paul’s first solo release MALA, was a tribute. His tribute MALA, released on July 31st was highly acclaimed by music critics. Perhaps the most technically in-depth of all the musical tributes given Danny Nettey.

Following this brilliant musical work, Paulos comes our way again with a wonderful piece titled; SLUGGARD.

As you may have gathered from the title, the song is written on the backdrop of the scriptural council given man to go learn from the ant.

Not only is the music great, it is also a gift of wisdom to its listener, beautifully superimposed over Paul’s sweet acoustic guitar strings.

Sluggard is produced by Paul Duah, mixed and mastered by Jonas Bibi Hammond. Vocals were done by Paul himself with supporting vocals by David Okai and Francisca Aglago and recorded by Jerby Dzokoto, not forgetting Kwesi Dickson for the wonderful work on the keyboard.

The song is slated to be released on Saturday, September 30 on major music websites and youtube.

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