lord kenyaRap Heavyweight Champion turned Evangelist Philip Akpor Kenya popularly known as Lord Kenya marks five years in the evangelism works.

Lord Kenya declared his intention to join the evangelism work during the launching of Net 2 Television in Kumasi on the year 2010.

Lord Kenya who says that he has been ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit and is now a true born-again Christian expressed his profound gratitude to the Lord Almighty for bringing him that far.

In an interview on Ashh fm entertainment zone last Sunday Lord Kenya said he has put the world behind him and is now enjoying a wonderful relationship with God.

According to him, everything started when he went to his regular ‘ghetto ‘to get his supply of the stuff after seeing off a friend. “It was there that I was hit by lightning and I fell down, I tried getting up but I couldn’t so I went on my knees in a prayerful act and started crying I refused to take my usual supply of ‘wee’ that night and headed home but I was ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit and ended in a church in called the Christian Gospel Ministry where I was anointed.

According to Kenya, he has been feeling extremely relieved and humbled since he started the evangelism works.

“I have realized that I was lost but have been found. There is a perception among young people that smoking makes one tough but all that is not true. For the past five years I have taken upon myself talking to all those I used to smoke with to quit smoking including my colleagues in the musician industry’’ he disclosed.


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