Nana Kwesi Koomson, popularly known only as Koomson, last Saturday launched his much anticipated book, titled ‘Death Well Lived’.

The book, launched at the British Council, unfolds the auto-biography of his late sister, Emmanuella Rita Koomson who passed away a year ago.

Though she is no more, Koomson believes Emmanuella lived well; and affected a whole lot of people who came in contact with her.

Koomson said he believes life is meaningful when we have it, not when its no more. According to him, after the demise of his sister, he wondered if he had been the best to his sister and had showed her much love. The answer he eavesdropped in his heart was a ‘yes’.

“Have you thought about the life you are living, the effect and impact it has or the value it has, on people? Have you shown honor to the people around, and what do you think about them?” he asked.


“Our lives are not different from that of others around us; but the value of life is the impact we have on people, the songs we sing, the words we say and our reaction to people. We underestimate the potential of life; Life is powerful whiles we have it… life has the ability to create a legacy…”; he admonished.

“While we live, our action and inaction will radiant a fragrance in the lives of many, and how will people smell it when you are no more? That is the bigger question; but death well lived is a life well lived”

Koomson also took time to mention a couple of people, who have impacted his life positively so far.

A chapter of his book acknowledges fathers; for their care and nurturing of their wards, to dare life without fear and timidity, through education, mentoring and counseling.

“When we are guided, what impact do we make in the life of our guardians?” He probed…

Using the life of the baby sea turtle as an illustration, he described how the animal hatches out of its shell without parent’s presence…. yet, it instinctively discovers its source to head towards the sea, even without any sense of direction/guidance….How much more we who get nurtured and groomed and receive all the direction we can get.

“While we grieve let’s find what brings happiness to life, and while we do, we will attract likeminded people to rally their support”.

Though a poetic book, some of the patrons shared their outlook about the message the author is encoding; the importance of living footprints in the lives of many as a memorial when one is no more.

The event opened with a song ministration from Minister Nii and a spectacular poetry from Nii Quaye. It also ended with an autograph session.

The launch saw massive support from some key industry comrades including Joe Mettle, Sanaa, Fiifi Folson, Philip Boakye Dua Oyinka, Nana Asihene, JLoopz, Nick Solomon, Edem Asamany and some other prominent personalities.

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By: Shadrack Mensah
Photography By: Julius Ofori Boadu 

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