Musicians the world over have different stories to how they come by the songs they produce. While some claim they get their inspiration through dreams, others observe what happens around them and translate them into music.

Music producer and singer Nana Kwaku Osei aka Nacee has disclosed to that he has never put pen to paper to write the lyrics of his songs.

“I have never written my songs before. The inspiration comes, I get the beat and I flow to it,” he said.

He said his latest smash hit song,’ ‘Boys Boys’ was not among the songs he had planned to produce. It happened that after producing the beat, the melodies for the chorus just came to mind and he started singing. He did not even take it serious until one of his studio apprentices urged him to develop into into a full song.

The singer who until recently was widely known as a gospel artiste has released a secular song ‘Boys Boys’ which has gained massive rotation on most radio stations across the nation.

The versatile musician also stated that he was not worried about people chastising him for his choice to add secular music to the gospel he has always been known for.

“I know what I am doing. My talent has no boundaries so I don’t get it when people try to limit me to only gospel. The issue is not about singing gospel but what matters is what impact you have with the song you do,” he noted.

The prolific music producer also hinted that he has some great collaborations with some top artistes on his forthcoming ‘Counsellor 2.’ He said the songs are hotter than ‘Boys Boys’ and when they are released will give music lovers a good treat.

Nacee is an astute music producer and singer who formed the No Tribe gospel music group. A the moment, he is actively pursuing his solo music career as he drifts from doing solely gospel to doing music that tackles varied themes.

Source: citifmonilne

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