Are Christians now living “unchristianly”?
Is our gospel getting worse by the day?
Don’t be surprised by my answers….

Shouldn’t it be impossible for sin to abound where there are multitude of preachers? Haven’t we all become preachers? Yet the gab between the gospel we preach today and the gospel we live is growing ever so wide.
Yes, the very central theme of our gospel, ‪forgiveness‬, has become such an impossible virtue to have. I don’t understand why. Why we can be so prayerful yet so unforgiving and spiteful sometimes.

This is an error. Our tongues have really diversified but our hearts are cold with bitter hate against our offenders.

Now, we are all carefully minding our own business, afraid of being hurt because we cannot forgive when we are. We have stopped living. We are numb. Shall we return to living the gospel we preaching?

Today, I think it is rare to find someone who would give you enough room to hurt them; spite them; make mistake. I’m talking about real hard backstabbing hurt. Nobody is willing to be humiliated… but.. Isn’t that who a best friend should be? Someone who will say, “Kwadjo, you hurt me real bad but I forgive you. We all make mistakes sometimes”

This is what I learnt….

Forgiveness frees both the offender and the victim. It is the only medicine to hurt. It is bitter to swallow, just like any bitter pill, but when taken, it heals the hurt. Only those who are brave enough to take it ever get healed.
Again, the enemy is not within the church…

I repeat, the enemy is not within the church…. Someone say Amen to that. The man or woman, family or group, you call your enemy just because they offended you once or twice or because they disagreed with you on an issue is just so wrong. We will continue to offend each other because we are human and different… But that should not draw enemy lines. Rather, it should help us learn and bind tighter.

Offense is offense and I dare say that the strongest Christian today is not the one who casts out demons, or heals diseases in the name of Jesus… The strongest Christian is the one who forgives grievous ills done them easily. You can break free and join the healing stream today.

Would you please say the following words out loud now?
I choose to forgive wholeheartedly, whoever offends me, no matter the weight of the offense, or the cost to my reputation. I will forgive, even if those who offend me aren’t sorry for what they did or still don’t know they hurt me. Because I am a Christian, and an instrument of God’s peace.

In case all those Kwadjo quotes still make no practical sense to you, meditate on Jesus’s summary down here….

“Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.” (Luke 17:4 NIV)

My name is Emmanuel, you can call me Manny… let the healing begin!!!

-Kwadjo Agyei-

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