Let me start by asking,

“Do we really support our own”?

At times, it seems some people only lay in wait for others to bring out work, just so they can critique.

Criticism is essential for growth, no doubt. However, when it is done without love, its just a “PHD”(pull him down) syndrome and highly ineffective.

We prefer to argue out topics, rather than share or even comment and encourage the creative works by our own “brothers”.
I’m not against intellectual discourse.
But then again, permit me to ask. What benefits have all these comparisons, arguments and debates brought us?

If we decide to start a new movement of genuine support for ourselves,the nations will hear of us.  For GH music to experience tangible and positive transformation, it will take more than one or two talented and skillful players. We all need to have that positive attitude, see beyond our interests and look at the bigger picture.

If I share a single or video by another Ghanaian guitarist, I’m simply promoting fellow Ghanaian talent. It’s rather myopic to see him as competition.

Brothers…let’s look at the bigger picture. Let’s support ourselves. That’s the only way we can make a statement. It starts with you and me.

I pray 2018 brings out the best in us!! Long life and prosperity brethren! God bless!! #BBF
Signed. Prince Hakeem.

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