Gospel musician Mary Agyemang has opined that most of the Ghanaian gospel singers rent cars in order to portray an extravagant lifestyle on social media.

According to her, some are being influenced by other lifestyles on the social media platforms, therefore, making most of them live a fake life in order to please their fans and relatives.

Mary, who is signed on Frimprince Music Productions, also noted that such lavish lifestyle of those so-called musicians makes her wonder who they’re actually deceiving because when she sees pictures of them in their rented cars on social media, it makes her giggle.

The ‘Change Over’ hitmaker told Dave Hamma on Hello FM in Kumasi which was well monitored by Zionfelix.net that, those in the gospel industry are the ones who rent cars a lot because of social media likes hence making other personalities and relatives to believe that they are wealthy whiles it is not true.

‘When we’re talking of people who rent cars a lot in this country, I know some gospel musicians are heavily involved in it. After renting the cars, you will see them taking pictures and posting them on social media making people believe it is theirs. Meanwhile, I also know that particular car the musician was using to take pictures doesn’t belong to them.’ zionfelix.net monitoring the Saturday entertainment show heard her say.

“Even the small cars in town, they don’t own some but a relative would see their lifestyle and be jealous and at the end of the day take them to somewhere. So if you don’t have don’t force it for any of your family members to see it and plot against you. If you don’t have it do not force to live a certain lifestyle because it will affect you in the future. What happens if you fall sick and people are soliciting for money to help? People might not support because they might say you were living a lavish life when you had money all because of the car you rented to flex. ” she added

She, however, admitted that few of the musicians genuinely own the luxurious cars they drive in town of which she does not have a problem with it but not as same for those she knows in the industry who do not have anything.

Mary Agyemang campaigned for the ruling government during the previous election with her song, “Change Over”.

Dealy days back at iYes 2018 said she does not flaunt her assets even though she has managed to earn herself several properties.



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