If there is one discipline of our industry which has been criticized for a longer period without any sign of development, then the gospel music industry

will never go scot free in this regard because over the years, it has been criticized for all the wrong reasons one can think of.

First of all, many gospel musicians have been tongue lashed when it comes to measuring holiness with their attitude and character and this started not now. Whilst the female musicians are being accused of dressing indecently, the men have been either accused of being alcoholics or womanizers.

The latest criticism has to do with gospel music videos which have been relegated to the background when it comes to ratings.  The ratings have always been bad because there is a perception that, gospel artistes do not want to spend much money on the production of their videos. They always prefer to use the cheapest and fastest way and that has resulted in low standards over the years.

In trying to find out whether things are getting better in that regard, Flex newspaper hooked up with CEO of Golden Eye Entertainment Kwasi Oduro Junior and this is what he said “same old wrong art direction, wrong concepts and wrong locations. We don`t take our time to analyze the songs and end up getting the whole concept wrong. Only few directors are doing it better. Ohemaa Mercy and some others are my true examples. They paid me well and I can boast of good videos I did for them” Kwesi Oduro told Flex newspaper.

-Samuel A. Baah-

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