Unassuming to a fault, Ghana gospel musician Kofi Dua Anto,KODA, shows why his best fans are the angels in Heaven not the VGMA Board on earth or Ghana’s showbiz industry.

And he used a very very old gospel song discarded as incapable of reaching the youth anymore and breathed the very breath of life into it. Nkwa Abodoo (Bread of Life).

The song is an evangelistic invitation asking those who are brokenhearted in life, those looking to live right and all who are searching for meaning in this transient life to come to Jesus.

The biblical correctness of the song is not in doubt nor is it to KODA’s credit. We all know the song. A very conservative tune. In fact knowing it can determine how long you have been around. The thumps up to KODA is in the fact that he didn’t – in the name of contemporary gospel – remake the song into something the cat dragged out of the gutter.

Instrumentation was simple with a touch of skillful display when KODA invited the organists and guitarist to play some notes.

You can’t do praises in Church with the song and you can’t even do worship ( with the song as we generally understand). You can only meditate on the song. And as you slowly ponder it with your heart and sing along with your lips, it enters into you like light.  Jesus is indeed the Bread of Life.

It must mean something personal to you. Otherwise it means nothing.


KODA doesn’t get enough credit for his work. But it is because his work is not meant for the crediting-assigning music agency in Ghana – DJs, mainstream media, VGMA and Showbiz.

His work is meant for the Church – the real church, the invisible church – not the bricks and blocks buildings with alot of sign boards and directional signs.

KODA uses his songs to help you find God.

In the music video, you can see KODA focussing quite intently on the song not the crowd – he tries to communicate a certain agony, if you like, that comes from focussing on the center of gospel music -Jesus not  public jury.

Nacy tries to involve the audience pretty nicely. Nacy knows how to perform on stage. KODA doesn’t. It won’t really matter because the duo made good their talents in performing the old song.

A real refreshing difference in an industry battling with lots of growing weeds and proud weaklings.

Sure some great,gifted ones are springing up. If you attend an event at the National Theatre, you would meet some of them.

But noisy ones unfortunately appear to have greater access to all of us – the public, drowning the likes of KODA occasionally.

But the likes of KODA will simply not go down because they keep coming with real gospel songs like Nkwa Abodoo.

Watch KODA’s “Nkwa Abodoo” video below

By: Edwin Appiah

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