Shouldn’t they at least give him this season to try and turn things around? For someone who has had far more successes than failures. It’s my personal opinion however, that his present fall came after his humiliation of that young female team doctor who was later sacked for doing her job.

And since then, every thing seemed to be crumbling for JOSE. No matter how hard he tried. But hey! That is a matter for another day.

My point is this, shouldn’t Chelsea give him a season’s benefit of the doubt knowing his antecedents and prowess. I mean, to the same one they once called THE SPECIAL ONE?

No ! It’s just the way of the world and of man. They would celebrate you, as long as all is well, and humiliate you when the reverse happens. They would lift you one day, and slam tomorrow.

It’s a truth I have learnt as a young man, at least being one in the public glare. Look unto Jesus. Appreciate the applauds and accolades of men, but never let them determine your actions and responses. One sure way of ending frustrated and depressed is building your life around what people say or think about you.

For us believers, our eyes must be on Jesus. The one who still believes in us even after we mess us. Willing to forgive, and carry us.

Jesus himself knew this, that’s why scripture says he did not entrust himself to man because he knew human nature. John 2:24.

That said, I believe Jose Mourinho would bounce back. And in case you’re in such a position my friend, an all time low, ridiculed and scorned by the same folks that once celebrated you, I want to let you know you are bouncing back. Now, entrust your life to the Lord, believe in him and he’ll lift you up.

Have a great weekend.

By: Nathaniel Bassey

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