EC12one’s ‘Remember Now Concert’ with Preye (Ebezina Fame) could have been one of the biggest concerts organized in the year 2015 but for some few questions and comment, that have been raised personally, and from some pundits.

To begin with, having seen the final flyer with the artistes on bill and the euphoria , It was obvious that patrons would definitely be served well with all expectations but like the saying, you don’t judge a book, by its cover.

The comedian who began the event with some hilarious jokes was not that bad. He did well to put some smiles on the faces of the audience, probably to spice them up after hours of delay on the part of the organizers.

The One man crusader for contemporary gospel reggae genre in Ghana, Akesse Brempong, also rocked it tight with his tunes. “My World” was brilliantly played and ministered. Gospel reggae rising up, Thumbs up man.

Eugene Zuta is versatile, and this is portrayed in his peculiar approach to all his songs he ministers on every platform, and for that, I salute him. It was a blessing having him for the night with songs lifting up souls and a refreshing moment of rededication to God.

It has been a while since I watched him minister but Cwesi Oteng taking up the stage was obviously clear he holds the mantle of turning the face of our gospel music. Great ministrations by Cwesi even though it was on a “normal” level. Cwesi Oteng could not have left the stage without doing “Yahweh (My Everything). Song on point and I say, we are taking this song to 2016 and beyond.

One fine gentleman who also nailed it last night was Perez Musik and watching him minister for the first time was great. Keep it up man, the sky is the limit.

When I heard PL Crew was the official band for the concert, I had no doubt because year after year, these guys keep working and have proven to be one of the great bands so far. These guys were capable of grooving along with all the ministers. Playing along a minister from outside the country, was like carrying a sword of Damocles, but they were just on point. I salute them for the great play. Sanaa, Bludo, Charlie Keys and Patrick (Team PL Crew), congrats guys and well done.

Let me begin by appreciating Jloopz Dave for putting these young folks together. Overflow performed tremendously as the BVs for the concert. Personally, I believe the speed at which these guys are running is a God-speed. Well done overflow, we really enjoyed you.

First time in Ghana and with a song like Ebezina, I think we expected too much from him. At a point, it was clear he had lost his voice but was able to get along with it to get audience along as well. His outfit was great and simple. I actually loved the part of him when after ministration, he appreciated all the members of the band and BVs. We give glory to God for your life – Preye, and am sure Ghana would expect you more, in the coming years. God bless you.

To conclude, it’s time the event host and organizers told us exactly what went wrong this time again.
It is now becoming a norm for Christian events to start late always. With the event under review, it still baffles my mind what actually led to the late start of the event. From the corner where I was seated, there was no new or extraordinary setup of sound or equipment aside the only LED screen which was upstage. The event used the auditorium’s instruments, lights, and sound equipment plus a beef up of two sub woofers which had no connection with the late start of the event.

Tell you what, delivering to your patrons as promised, especially in a paid for event, is very key in building a better brand. I know most patrons of the event were left disappointed when Preachers’ and other groups named to minister, were nowhere to be found. Personally, I think this particular one wasn’t proper at all. So event organizers, kindly deliver as promised if not, then we as Christian event organizers will not be taken serious.

The communication during the ministrations drew my attention to the fact that, there was no solid rehearsal or no rehearsal at all. For PL Crew and the acts here (Ghana), I would understand a little because they might have played with them on several occasions but how about a foreign act? Next time, a solid rehearsal should be encouraged.

Poor attendance one way or the other undermined the success of the event, and am tempted to attribute it to abysmal Publicity, because this event, I know for sure, could have fetched lots of audience that the auditorium could not have contained.

These reviews are not in any way to backlash any individual or organization, but about building a better gospel circle, which at the end would take us through to the Boss himself up there.
Let’s step up the game, dig deeper, so we can get the best catch.

BY: Kwabena Yenu (GospelGh)

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