IMG_4449After absolute worship 2014 last year, I named it as one of the successful events in the country. With this expectation, absolute worship 2015, would have been the latest benchmark for gospel events in Ghana.

Empraise Inc., left many dismayed with regards to the late start of this year’s program. I’m actually surprised, what went wrong?  I believe Quesie Boate would certainly agree with me to call the ‘spade a spade not a spoon’.

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I got to the venue (Perez Dome) late at about 5pm, I imagined I was already late because the event was scheduled to start at 4pm. Getting into the auditorium I met one gentleman in ‘IM branded lacoste shirt’ upstage doing something indescribable, but I think this fellow could have tried engaging the audience properly, when event organizers failed to deliver on their exact time schedule.


He is such a creative artist, although serious rehearsals contribute to great success of many artistes, I knew without a shred of doubt Joe Mettle would always deliver even without rehearsal. Joe set the pace so well that many would testify that the right atmosphere was set for the night. I salute you boss! Keep it up and contemporary gospel would certainly get there.


IMG_4300 IMG_4304
I’ve got few questions to ask. May I kindly know who selected the songs for Impact Project? And for how long did they rehearse? At a point in time, all I could hear was noise. Impact project ministry, what happened? I believe after your ministration, you learnt to appreciate feedback from audience as you ministered. Also if you forgot, the event was dubbed Absolute Worship. You can do better with such an opportunity granted next time.


IMG_4319This young man couldn’t have messed up with such a gathering of worshippers. Indeed he meant business and really understood the purpose for the night. Well done my brother.  But may I ask, were you actually invited upstage?  I stand to be corrected but I heard Empraise mentioned and immediately he ascended the stage.


IMG_4490Empraise Inc. got it right getting this man of God for this year’s event. He was the perfect choice for the event. Uncle ATO and worship… you don’t need to be told. I can attest audience were actually satisfied. It was an intensified worship session which portrayed the presence of God at the moment. God bless you man of God.


IMG_4554  IMG_4553
Selina Boateng! Selina Boateng!! Selina Boateng!!! Oh my God … I won’t talk much but all  upcoming gospel artistes should  note:  HARDWORK  PAYS. Selina! In fact I was totally astonished and blown away. This is what is expected if you desire to mount bigger stages. Selina Boateng would create the competition among the feminine gospel artist, let’s note it down. I would adjudge her ‘MINISTER FOR THE NIGHT ABSOLUTE WORSHIP 2015’.


IMG_4390Another beautiful costume by Empraise Inc. Blueish- black and Gold, that was lovely. Empriase Inc. always give some of our local back to back ‘twi’ worship medley that little touch which was absolutely awesome. Empraise simply has a unique way of bringing to life some of our old and forgotten worship medleys.  With a standing ovation, I SALUTE Eugene Zuta, Quesie Boate, Kobby Mantey and the rest in Empraise Inc.

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  • It was obvious Empraise Inc. was surprised the auditorium was not fully occupied as they anticipated. I personally think they should query who ever drew their publicity plan and better still, get the right people on board when it comes to gospel event publicity like GospelGh and the secondaries.
  • With line-array speakers for sound at the venue was the best. We had a good sound just that there a few hitches aside that sound was great.
  • The stage art and design was as simple as it should be with average stage lights which I think could have been increased considering the venue.

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Kindly permit me share with you this quote I coined after a careful observation. “Complacency is a killer! Never expect members of your church to flood your event’s auditorium because it’s their church”.

In all we give thanks to God. This is to get all done as expected so that all the glory goes to the Father. See you at Absolute Worship 2016.

BY: Kwabena Yenu (GospelGh)

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*He Is Exalted* Hosted by E’mPraise Inc featuring Joe Mettle, Selina Boateng, and UNCLE ATO#PhotographyBy:…

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  1. Good review Kwabena, After all its not only QB who hits hard on the nail. It should always be said just as it is.

    I think the overall purpose of the event was achieved. Leading thousands of worshippers to the throne of God.

    But we still need to up our game in gospel events organization.

    Being close to the organizers of the event and knowing how much was invested into the venue alone, the venue was overpriced for the event. I thought Christian events were supposed to be welcomed and even supported at christian venues.
    But being overly charged for using church auditoriums and the frustrations it comes with is not what Christianity calls for. Once we have the same vision and mission to propagate the word I think the support for each other should be there for each other.
    Finally I think most of the Christian events are done at ‘convenient’ venues or what I would like to call Flashy venues. Am waiting for the group that will throw the challenge out there and host a Ghc 100,000 event or s0mething similar to absolute worship 2015 or Adom praise at venues that do not come in mind at all for such events like Bujumbura camp, Mantse Abuena, James fort, etc. I believe extending our investments to such places will give us a reach on audiences who have never had the opportunity to afford events at the flashy venues we have being going to for a while now.
    I believe it will be a significant extension in our kingdom business.

  2. My interest lies where if a few friends laugh at your jokes doesn’t mean it’s needs a large audience to do same or better still launch a career in comedy. Hmmmmmm enough said.

      Getting into the auditorium I met one gentleman in ‘IM branded lacoste shirt’ upstage doing something indescribable, but I think this fellow could have tried engaging the audience properly, when event organizers failed to deliver on their exact time schedule.

    • Richard… Ur points are quite ridiculous…. The jokes were not meant for everyone. It happens everywhere… You shld have a good sense of humour to appreciate what he did. So I don’t rilly blame you for ur stance…

      • CLIFFORD………… How ridiculous is my comment TRUTH be told he was MESS clearing up event organizers MESS of not starting on time so i cant be blamed as you said thanks for noticing that…………………

  3. Great review…
    Buh was expecting more from the technical aspect since that is my interest most sorry for been bias lol..
    But anyway late starting of events is something that to me has come to stay. And there is the need to take a serious look at.

    How many event organisers perform a risk analysis during even planning to ascertain the level of risk they would be exposed to and even to mitigate those risk earlier enough.
    We just plan and assume everything will be alright. Probably if the empraise had done that they would have known that
    A. The church will be available after 12pm and from a technical point or view, 4 hours is too much For set up so long as they had extra men an hand. they will need more hands to fixed the equipments in this regard. Though I bear with them abt sabotage hey you are responsible for the planning of your event.

    For me I think national theatre Or conference center would have Been a better place Considering the turnout though impressive. I agree with you that they over estimated the turnout.

  4. Yenu…. That’s some good review. I GGH guys dey give pressure.. Points well noted. Good Job.

  5. It was a wonderful prog. I beg to differ on the impact project ministration. I believe as the first group to sing its normal that the sound guys will use it as a sound check to make sure that everything is set esp since there was no time to do sou d check for all ministers. And for Christ sake its only in Ghana dat we attribute worship to slow pace songs.