Thirty two (32) year-old Afia Melewa hails from Tatale in the Zabzugu-Tatale District in the Northern Region of Ghana and Worships with the Redemption Assembly, Yenyawoso District in the New Tafo Area.

According to her, when she was ten (10) years old, she had series of encounters with dwarfs anytime she went to the riverside to fetch water. Eventually, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Savior in the Church of Pentecost and was baptized in water at the age of 20 at Kintampo.

She was miraculously delivered from demonic (ancestral) powers by the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ during the 2015 Easter Convention.

On Saturday, 4th April, 2015, during the Easter Convention, coincidentally which happened to be Afia’s birth day, she had a call from one of her grandfathers that the gods of their ancestors have been faithful to her by adding one more year to her age. As a sign of showing appreciation she was asked to travel from Kumasi to her hometown, Tatale so that some rituals could be performed on her.

She was unwilling to go so she told the grandfather that she had no money for transportation. Upon hearing that, the grandfather persisted that she should hire a vehicle alone from Kumasi to her hometown and when she arrives they were ready to bear the cost.

The grandfather persuaded her but she abruptly ended the call. That day she was not feeling well but she chose to go to church rather than attending to the instruction of her grandfather, and the decision she took saved her. She said, on her way to the convention grounds, she saw some cuts and bruises all over her body.


Though she was disturbed about that new development, it still could not stop her from going to church. That day, after the sermon, there was prayer for Holy Spirit Baptism, Healing and Deliverance. During the session she was prayed for and she had a hectic lengthy confrontation with the Holy Spirit amidst manifestations.

Eventually she became very calm and all of a sudden all the cuts and bruises vanished from her body. She said, in the night while she was asleep, she felt a strange movement in her room and all of a sudden, she could not move her body.

By the grace of God, eventually she was able to open her mouth and shouted, “Lord, save me.” At that very moment she got relieved and woke up. She saw her entire body together with her bed very wetted, as if a bucket full of water had been poured on her. She then picked her phone and she saw about twenty (20) missed calls from family members of her hometown.

The following day, which was Sunday, 5th April, 2015, the “Resurrection Sunday” morning, Afia received a phone call from one of her cousins who coincidentally bears her name, Melewa. She narrated to Afia about the incident that took place on Saturday, 24th April in their hometown.

Afia’s cousin said that, when they realized that she (Afia) would not be coming for the performance of the rituals, the cousin was then asked to stand in for Afia because they both bear the same name.

The cousin said, during the rituals, the grandfather killed two guinea fowls, one fowl and then drained the blood of the animals into a pot that belong to Afia, which was being carried by her cousin.

On hearing about the “pot”, Afia became alarmed. But the cousin made her aware that all the family members have pots attached to their souls that link them up to their ancestors. The cousin said, during the incantation, the pot dropped from her hands and got broken and as soon as that happened, the grandfather who was performing the rituals also dropped down and died instantly.

Afia has now been totally delivered from her ancestors’ spirits by the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Her testimony brought a mighty revival on the last day of the convention.  To God be the glory. Amen.

By: Pastor Isaac Osei (PIWC, New Tafo Area)

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