David Ofori-Atta was born on the 26th January 1991 in Accra to Florence Ofori Atta and George Asare, they were missionaries of the Gospel. Two weeks after birth, they moved to the Ivory Coast where he spent most years of his life. Eldest of two sons, David tried as much as he could to be the right example though his parents divorced when he was seven years old.

Difficulties that came with it drew him closer to music, spending all his time rehearsing on drums. He went around gigging with his uncle, Steve Tequah at the age of 12. That also opened him to studio productions. He played his first ever recording on drums for his uncle Steve who was also a producer. By the age of fourteen Dave was the Music Director of the Morning Glory International School Choir and a year later became the Music Director of his church, Christian Solution Centre.

He was closer to music but not that close to God. Circumstances drew him so far from faith, which he explains in his songs and ministrations. He says at that point, music was only a passion and not a calling till he saw how lost and empty he was.

He moved to Ghana where he became the Music Director and President of the Central University College Mass Choir. He is presently the Music Director for the Harp of David (HOD), Immanuel Emmanuel and Eric Jeshrun and the Love Creed. He also works as the Music Producer for Immanuel Emmanuel, Royal Chris of the Vodafone icons, B. Brown, Kenneth Woanyah (New Creation), Sedi Adayi (Happy), PI, Irene, Niella, Solo and worked with Francis Kweku Osei. He also worked with renowned choirs such as the Impact Project Ministries, the Joyful Way Incorporated and the Overflow Choir.

He is the CEO of “dave da musicbox” Company and has also partnered with Groove House Studios. David Ofori-Atta has these singles for himself namely Work in Progress, Helping Hand and Bright Sunshiny Day.
A major influence to Dave’s music is Kirk Franklin.

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