I have heard so many complaints that gospel musicians in Ghana are mediocre and that is why foreign artistes are more patronized and therefore paid more!!! well…….

I personally believe we can’t eat our cake and have it! Most of the musicians I know develop their gifts using their own meager resources without any support and certainly that posses limitations! And after the person has made some effort the little reward deserved is shrouded in all forms of spirituality or being taken for granted!

If we are not ready to invest in the potential of such people how can we expect them to get there? Copyrighted songs are dubbed and reproduced with impunity. The rights of composers are trampled without consideration.

What makes it more painful is that believers seem to be the worst offenders…..when the artistes has gone through loads of deprivation to get a work out, they are sometimes made to feel its a privilege to be heard!!! Let’s sincerely support and encourage our own and see if they will not blossom! Not the kind of ministry “raping” that sometimes go on!

I know several home grown gospel musicians who can take the world by storm given the right orientation! So yes! We all love the international squad, but the local too “dey”! And if anyone thinks bout this am making a case for myself, why not? Loool!

Thanks to all who have made the effort to support us thus far. To our critics we are not there yet so keep it constructive. To the secret admires, show your love!”

By: Eugene Zuta

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