Like Godwin Martey puts it; the terrorist was at the Black Star Square on the 5th of February.

I was privileged to serve as camera assistant on that very day. I personally recorded many people in wheel chairs and with crutches, others lying in bed.

I cried. I cried while holding a tripod behind my cameraman. I cried like a baby when the man of God began to pray for the sick. I couldn’t believe the same people we(my cameraman and I) recorded were right before my eyes walking, jumping and dropping their crutches. I cried till other cameraman came to console me, telling to focus on the job to be done.

A lot shared their testimonies on my cam. I remember a young teenager(about 16yrs old) from Nsawam who came in with her mom, she couldn’t walk from birth and there she stood in front of my camera as if nothing had happened.

NOBThis recording was going on at the left side of the stage, it was around the same time that Rev Chris was ministering to the ministers of God. When the man of God said ‘take it’ the girl went under the power, stood up a few minutes later and her walking was perfected. I remember her saying ‘I’ve strength to walk, I’ve strength in my legs, I’ve strength to run’
How can you explain these things.

A lot happened that night. If I should pen all down here, we will need three days.

Oh unless I forget, in my bus back home, I met a man, two ladies(probably in their late 40’s, not CE members) and a trotro driver and this was the conversation.

Man: So you mean all these people went for the Pastor Chris programme?
Woman 1: Yes oo. We’re even from there.
Woman 2: Ah this is even small, the independence square was pack as well as the stadium and the parliament house.
Man: Really?? If so then Pastor Chris has made money ooooooooo.

Woman 2: Nonsense, how can you say he has made money when other men of God charge 100, 200 or 500cedis to meet them. We didn’t pay a pesewa to attend this meeting.
Woman 1: How can you say that, even if everyone who came gave an offering, the money won’t be substantial to pay for all the equipments used.
Woman 2: How much offering did people give saf, that 50-50pesewas offering? Look, just because I gave my heart to Christ, I received a new BIBLE(bringing out her new ROR BIBLE). And this Bible don’t look cheap looking at the current state of the economy.
Woman 1: Please stop what you saying kraaa… Do you know the number of lives restored.

Trotro Driver: Really?? Then the man is a good man.
Man: Oh I’m sorry. Ah so from here, where is he going to?
Woman 2: Why doesn’t he have a home to go to?

That’s how I slept off in the bus on my way back home.

You can say what you want, one fact is undeniable; LIVES WERE CHANGED.

By: Philip Papi Quansah

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