I got flaws just like everyone else! I am not perfect just like everyone else! I sin every now and then just like everybody else! But unlike most peeps, I do it unintentionally!

Like Paul said stuff I wanna do I don’t do, stuff I don’t wanna do that’s what I end up doing! I ain’t proud of em! I know they ain’t right! But sometimes u just gotta blow off some steam! U have to curse out that dude outt! U have to hit that Gurl! U have to tell that lie! U have to steal that dough! U have to sniff that joint! U have to cheat that business partner! We all do these things cuz that’s what we are! Human Beings! But that doesn’t mean we should give up and let our flesh rule over us! No! We are to fight it every day!

U are to fight that desire to hit that chick! You are to fight that desire to lie! U are to fight that desire to curse! U are to fight that desire to be greedy! God expects that from u and I but He also knows that whilst u are fighting it, u will fall now and then that’s why He says confess your sins to me and I will forgive u! But does that mean u should continue to sin? No! That would mean u never were born again in the first place! We ought to make it an effort to pursue a life free from INTENTIONAL sin! We live in a sinful world and even when we dunno it, we sin! That’s different from you cursing someone out when u know its wrong!

Now just like if you start drinking and u continue to pursue this habit…there will come a time when u won’t get drunk from consuming that same amount that made u drunk when u started! It’s the same way if I have been fighting my flesh in a particular area eg cursing for a while, there will come a time that I will defeat that desire to curse and it won’t be an issue for me! So it’s safe to say that I have perfected the art of curse free conversation! That doesn’t mean I am perfect in other areas I may be still dealing with!

Hussien Bolt can BOST of mastery when it comes to 100 meters cuz he has perfected that craft but he can’t say the same thing for boxing or hurdles! So if Hussien sees someone struggling with something he has perfected ie 100 meters, I believe he can easily go to the person, point out what they doing wrong and show em how to correct it! It baffles me that these days when u try to show someone the right way to do certain things biblically, they get upset and tell u not to judge them cuz u ain’t perfect neither!

Question: if Hussein Bolt is a womanizer and he approaches u and tells u not to breathe heavy when u bout to start a 100 meter race, would u tell him to not judge you cuz he ain’t perfect neither? I think not! Why? Cuz u know he has perfected what he is talking about! Same way if u truly are a Child of God and another Christian come to prompt u regarding a sinful habit u are engaged in, 1. u shouldn’t go on the defense n lash out at the person and 2. they ain’t trying to tell u that they are perfect!

The bible encourages us to point out each other’s faults and help each other get back on our feet! We are supposed to be each other’s keeper! We cannot do that and watch your brother sink into a sinful act and not saying anything! So let me say this now that if u are ma brother/sister in Christ!

U are my family and as such I cannot sit back and let u do something sinful and say nothing! If u die whilst doing it, God will demand ur blood from me so I hv no choice but to speak out! u can choose to thank me or U can choose to curse me out! I am just doing my job! Whachu know bout that?

By: Jay Smoke

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