Qwame GyeduI don’t see anything new in our worship conferences. personally, I think event organizers and worshipers have refused to improve on the standards.

We need to come to a realization that the songs we sing during our Worship events are not any different from what we sing in our various churches. So what then is new? We have given Worship a definition which is gradually becoming a part of the congregation, so anything new becomes very difficult for them to open up to.

Now, I have seen that, people go for Worship events depending on who is on bill. I am not against people having a choice when it comes to worshipers but is it really the best?  People don’t come to worship anymore but rather to watch their favorite worshipers worship.

This I think has put event organizers and worshipers in a place where they actually want to do anything to satisfy the audience and we miss the purpose of the gathering. What do I mean by this? Event organizers don’t pray for who God really wants them to bring for the occasion again instead we gather a whole bunch of worshipers who are loved by the people so the room will be packed.

Because of this, there is always a rush to satisfy everyone in the auditorium so the program becomes  sooo planned and calculated, there is no space for the move of the Holy Spirit. On behalf of the Worshipers, there is complacency because the people are gathered to listen to us.

We hardly pray, we hardly make time to ponder over the theme of the event in order to hear what God wants us to share with his people. Note this, it could be possible that every song you are doing there was done earlier in their churches but the “Revelational Aspect ” of that song which they did not hear in church is what is going to break and bring down the Worshiper in your audience.

Please the songs are not new, but what God reveals to us whenever we lift this same songs is what the congregation is looking for. Now my whole point is, we should stop organizing Worship Conferences for the people and start Organizing the people for Worship Conferences. We all have a part to play to make sure our worship events are better than what we are doing now.

May God grant all of us the grace for this ….Amen!!!

By: Qwame Gyedu


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  1. Most of the worship leaders cannot even compose Holy Spirit inspired songs. They have become sooooo lazy of late and all they do is look for where they will get platforms to sing for the “money”. To make matters worse, they are “WORD” dry and empty. Please brethren let us do it right