Can we briefly discuss ‘Healing Stream’ by Jeshurun Okyere ft. Nathaniel Bassey? Alright!

The first time I heard the song, it was Nadia, one of his background singers that covered it at MusiqHallGH’s event (look them up) and I thought ‘oh dear God, another song for contemporary gospel ministers to wear out at concerts!’ Here is why.

The song reminded me of Kofi Karikari’s ‘Yahweh.’ Do you get it now? No? Ok dummy let me explain. I could tell from just the first listen that even without an official studio record, the song still had the potential to be a concert favorite. All it would take was Eugene Zuta stitching it to any worship medley and dropping it on a willing at just a maximum of two concerts and boom!

Clearly the song fits comfortably in any minister’s concert repertoire. The message of the song is solid and therapeutic, the tune is a crowd-pleaser and the accompanying music progression is easy to appreciate. In short, Praise&Worship GOLD! The studio record merely becomes an address for those who need to match a face to the song.

That said, I think Jeshurun scores all points for keeping the record simple and purposeful and for choosing a worship music fan-favorite to be a featured guest. Can we just take a minute to honor Nathaniel? He exudes such grace, anointing, talent and class which have afforded him that coveted legitimacy both in his home country and abroad.

Without effort, he adds beauty and substance to the song with his rugged yet sweet African male tone! I appreciate that the instrumentation and background vocals were not distractive however asymptotic to the just-good-enough-curve.

So let’s just imagine a band, maybe PL with Love Creed and Jeshurun with his poker face on wearing a blue suit about to serve this song in an air-conditioned enclosure possibly right after Ps Isaiah has set the atmosphere…..! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

By: Omari Kissi Jnr

P.S. Listen/Download HEALING STREAM below if you don’t have it yet:

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