It looks “appropriate” to get remuneration for services provided and I believe a lot of “full time” Musicians will love to be paid for the services they render in the House of The Lord or get employed by churches.

However, you have to understand that each Church has its own Doctrine and how it sees this issue of paying musicians. Some feel it’s a sign of loyalty and a privilege to even hold the bass guitar or sit behind the piano and play for God thus would never pay musicians.
Others pay musicians because they see it as a way of encouraging and appreciating the talent and hard earned skill.
Whichever way you look at it, it boils down to the issue of different doctrines and practises of different church and I will advise you don’t get involved in such issues.

If you feel you want to do Church business then look for a church that believes in your plight and go work there. Simple!

Don’t expect every church to understand your plea. If your church doesn’t believe in paying musicians for some reasons, It’s either you move to a church that believes musicians should be put on salary… or please keep quite and stay there.

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