Contemporary gospel music’s newbie, Ama Obeng, stage named Samma, is out to serve a double release today.

Following a successful debut of her maiden single ‘Pour Out Your Spirit’ in May this year, Samma has pressed on to ensure she’s come to stay giving out two new beautiful songs titled, ‘HOLY‘ and ‘FALL LIKE FIRE

The songs were produced by Mickie Adu Manu (MickieBass)

HOLY is a song that reminds us about the greatness, majestic and holy nature of the God who has called us. In Exodus 15:11, we are reminded of how great our God is among all other Gods and how majestic he is in holiness. So it’s a simple song about the greatness of our God. Truly there is none holy like the lord- 1 Samuel 2:2


Listen Below:

FALL LIKE FIRE – Every time Fire from Heaven was mentioned, it either involved burning of an offering ( Leviticus 9:24, 1 Kings 18:38, 1 chronicles 21:26, ……) or when an enemy was to be devoured ( 2 Kings 1:10-12, Revelations 20:9, Luke 9:54, Ezekiel 38:32….).

God sends down fire to accomplish a task, hence it’s my prayer that as the world listens-to this song, God will reign down his fire on us so we can revived and refined.

Just as gold becomes more valuable after receiving fire, may our lives become more valuable after God reigns down his fire and power on us.


Listen Below:


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