Ruth M’adjoa Otchere, C.E.O of Glow With Maj, is on a unique slaying mission to change lives of children at The Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital in Accra.

The HR Practitioner who doubles as a Backing Vocalist on Team Cwesi Oteng, on a recent visit to the hospital was shocked to learn of the dire situations the children found themselves in.

Saddened with a heavy heart and a desire to make a difference, this new project under Glow For Change; dubbed Little Smiles Project was birthed.

“…People actually go to bed hungry in Accra… Unbelievable!… I’m doing something about this… I believe you’ll assist me…” she said.

FACT: “There is no war or famine in Ghana, and the economy is growing, yet malnutrition remains a silent killer that accounts for one-third of all child deaths in the country.” 

Ghana’s population sits at about 26 million of which 38% are children aged 0-14 years and out of the about 60,860 child deaths in a year, about one third, (thus 20,286 children) die each year from Malnutrition!

This is both shocking and heart-breaking but what is most devastating is that this high volume of deaths is not by natural disasters which cannot be controlled but merely by an unbalanced meal.

According to M’adjoa, these facts are overwhelming, but her recent visit to the Kwashiorkor Ward of The Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital in Accra was the jolt of reality that propelled her to want to help.

The Little Smiles Project is scheduled to run throughout November 2017 as there could be no better Month to embark on this project than in this month which marks Universal Children’s Day on 20th.

The Little Smiles Project is a fundraising initiative to raise $5000 to support the Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital which is in dire need of medical items, non-medical consumables, infrastructure and administrative equipment.

Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital is a children healthcare facility that provides medical care services, pursues disease control and offers reproductive and child health (RCH), family planning and nutrition services and sometimes depends on donations from Institutions and the general public to cushion support received from the Government.

The ‘Little Smiles Project’ will direct its efforts to raising funds to support the nutrition program and services of the Princess Marie Louise Children Hospital.

Help M’adjoa make a difference in the lives of these children.

You can support from here: or through MTN Mobile Money to Glow With Maj – 0243427426.



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