This past week has taught me so much that I never knew. Infact, I am amazed at how much hypocrisy and persecution we are up against in the body of Christ. Herrrhhhh, so much work to be done oooo.

My goodness, Christians are quick to go into their armory and bear arms against themselves. You said you are a Christian, but you hardly ever share the Gospel anywhere, you heard of a Christian programme that won thousands of souls who got Salvation into Christ, you didn’t post it, there were myriads of healing and numerous mind-blowing testimonies at the programme, you never shared it, then you saw a posted picture of a littered ground after Night of Bliss, bam, you were the first to let it go viral.

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The picture by Mawuli K Tofah after the event that went viral

The place was immaculately cleaned just few hours after the programme, thousands of chairs had to be parked first, and the massive stage had to be dismantled before any proper cleaning can be done, the photographer deliberately took the shot in a way it didn’t show any human being at work, it excluded people packing chairs and dismantling stage, then he posted it to taint the event, and thankfully, your reprobate mind that lacks discernment quickly shared the picture and started rubbishing the event.

Brother, which Jesus do you serve? Jesus will meet you one day and ask you, “Saul, Saul why thou persecutest thou me?”

I can guarantee you the photographer is not an atheist, he will hardly be a Muslim, it will be a Christian. Why do we do this to Jesus?

You know, there is a way someone will communicate and you will easily come to a conclusion that the person’s motive is to be mischievous. The main primary motive of the programme was to come and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, win souls and also demonstrate the power of the Spirit to liberate the oppressed. Why will you deliberately neglect all the positives of the programme and run along with a picture whose genesis you do not even know? The Devil uses some people without they themselves knowing.

These are the end times, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. It seems to me that I have to be more careful of Christians now than even the Atheists and Muslims.

Jesus said it is unprofitable to gain the whole world and lose a soul. A programme won thousands of souls for Jesus and all you could talk about is roads blocked for a few hours? What is the value of that to you a Christian compared to the thousands of souls saved into your Kingdom? Don’t they block roads for Carnivals in the so called 1st world countries? Don’t we block roads for funerals, political rallies and Ecowas meetings?

If the state thinks the man’s capacity to pull mammoth crowd will eventually lead to disorderliness and chaos, and the security apparatus by their own discretion decided to block some roads to avoid confusion and chaos, isn’t that to the best interest of us all?
This was a programme that used our national stadium as an overflow!

I am learning alot, now I understand why many people’s faith never work. Now I understand why they never get answered prayer, now I see why they think this Gospel is fake and it is a scam to deceive people. They are Christians by title, not that they have been truly baptised into Christ.

Finally, in case you haven’t read it in the bible, let me show you something, when Saul was going around persecuting and frustrating the apostles who were the first preachers he didn’t see it as a direct assault against Jesus. But when Jesus appeared to him, Jesus took it personal, he said, “…why persecutest thou ME?”. He didn’t say why persecute the Apostles, he said “me”.

So continue, we shall all be rewarded in the end. One day your eyes will be closed, you will be put in a box and returned to dust, then the Jesus whose message Pastor Chris and other pastors brought to you and you ridiculed, will be the one to reward you. Continue.


Credit: Godwin Martey

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