pensa1The campaign which was under the auspices of the Cape Coast Area Head, Apostle David Tekper, witnessed a peaceful walk from Cape Coast Stadium to the Chapel Square where thousands of people from the various secondary and tertiary institutions joined holding their placards with words of advice on homosexuality

After the walk, participants gathered at the Chapel Square, Cape Coast for a talk on why homosexuality is wrong. First to mount the podium was Apostle David Tekper, who warmly welcomed participants to the event. In his welcoming address he made emphasize that God’s intent for creation and marriage has not changed. He said God in His infinite wisdom made all things and ended it with the creation of Adam and Eve (Man and a Woman) which shows his approval of marriage being a bond between a man and a woman not otherwise.

He said nothing has changed in the Bible and as Christians we should know that as God disapproved of Homosexuality, He’s still the same and frowns upon it. He encouraged church leaders to stick to the word of God and never try changing what the Bible says to satisfy their selfish desire. He ended by saying the Church is strongly against Homosexuality and persons who engage in the act will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Salifu Bawah of the Cape Coast Regional Hospital was next to speak on the medical perspective of homosexuality. He started by saying Homosexuality is an act which medical experts disapprove of it because of the numerous problems associated with it. In his speech, he said until 1973, homosexuality was a psychiatric illness that needed treatment. Homosexuals include the gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

He made mention of some of their acts which included inserting the fist into the sex organ and also rolling their tongue through the anus taking in some of the waste substances as part of their sexual satisfaction which leads to several illness. He said persons engaged in the act are prone to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer, Depression and they have shorter lifespan than heterosexuals. He therefore encouraged members to desist from the act and also to educate others to do same.

pensa2Nana Kwaw Fosu III, Paramount Chief of Breman Traditional Area and Chairman for Educational committee addded his voice to the campaign. He said homosexuality is against our norms and traditions as Africans. He added that homosexuality will kill our family system and also made it clear that traditional rulers in Ghana are strongly against the act and persons found to be engaged will be dealt with.

He applauded PENSA for such a wonderful campaign to teach the Youth on the evils of homosexuality to promote National growth and call on all stakeholders to support such a worthy cause.

Rev. Emmanuel Agyei Kwafo who was the host ended the campaign with a powerful speech on the effects of homosexuality from the Biblical point of view and a summary of the presentations made by the other speakers. In conclusion, he said homosexuality is a sin against God and will forever be a sin, no matter what the world says, the Bible should always be our standard and we should try as much as possible to teach others to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ for He alone can save and give eternal life. A prayer was also said for Ghana and the Church of God.



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