“It makes so much sense to pay a person for services rendered and i guess it will make much more sense to put church Musicians(instrumentalists) on payroll”.

Well, that remains most church musicians plea. However, every church has a different view on this based on differences in policies, doctrines, structures & interpretation of the scriptures (i guess).

Some see it as a sign of loyalty and a privilege for musicians to even touch “the Churches instrument”… so why pay musicians. Others see remuneration of musicians as a way of encouraging and appreciating talent and hard earned skill.

Some even go as far as providing accommodation and educational scholarships up to university for their musicians. Whichever way you look at it, it boils down to church differences and different understandings of Pastors, church leaders and their doctrines.

Fellow Musicians, don’t get caught up in this controversial (perhaps unending) topic which started in the days of King Solomon.. (i guess lol)!

The truth is, some Pastors will understand, other won’t! Don’t waste your time arguing over this “subjective” topic.

You can quote all the scriptures in the Bible to support your argument but don’t expect mindsets to change. Guess what, the same scriptures provides different discernment and understanding for everyone.

If you want to do church business,it’s okay, but look for a church that pays and relocate.

If for some reason(s) your current church doesn’t believe or can not afford to pay its musicians, 2 ways; you either search for & move to a new church that pays musicians or stay in the same non-paying church (with no complain). Better still, find a job.

I have seen a lot of church musicians’ lives wrecked because of so much dependency on the church! This should stop! Remember, every church has its priorities, you may matter in one church, but may be of less importance in another.

– OpokuSanaa –

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