Evangelist, Lord Kenya has revealed that he was addicted to alcohol for about 14 years before God saved him—and called him to the altar.

He said a lot of Ghanaian entertainers that he used to smoke and engaged in all the bad practices with are still in it—and it is his prayer that God will deliver them from it.

According to him, things started to get wayward when living in his past life.

“I was an alcoholic for about 14 years; I did cocaine for about 12 or 11 years. ….One way or the other, I started selling my cars and properties. I lost most of my money and when I look back now, I wish I had seen Christ earlier.

“It is a fact that some entertainers are doing drugs. It is a fact most of them are doing it. We were doing it together. I was doing weed with some of them and doing cocaine with some. And most of them are now doing it. They are still in there,” Lord Kenya disclosed during an interview on the Delay Talk Show.

Evangelist Lord Kenya, who revealed recently that some Ghanaian celebrities may be called to do the work of God, says he has most of these entertainers on his prayer list.

“We invite them to our programmes and we share our testimonies with them and let them know. The problem I had and most of them have now is that you think because you are a star, you can’t serve Christ. The question is that, ‘who gave you the gift and the stardom?’ When we have our programmes we invite most of them. Some come, some don’t. I personally speak to some of them and I intercede for some of them… In those days, I could feel there was something missing in me and after my shows, I would go to my hotel room and cry,” he revealed.

Credit: Ghana Celebrities

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