A brand New Christocentric Movie is about hitting Ghana like a storm this 14th March 2015 – the first Christian movie to be aired (premiered) on the big screen! Coming from the makers of the One Praise TV show, Kreative Icon, this brand new wave is a film written and Directed by Newman Uche Eze: “LIFE IN A TUNNEL”

This contemporary phrase is an expression that rightly fits the experience of the biblical Job in todays setting. Carefully scripted to describe the main character, Betty in her situation. For many years she (Betty) has struggled to raise three children all by herself after her lover absconded, just when it seems like the storm was over, her lover (Tuga) shows up from nowhere to demand for his children. Her decision to resist him access and the reaction will set events in motion; who will suffer the consequences?

This is a journey through the tunnel of life; every one will go through it. Betty’s choice of action will decide what happens. Betty complicates things for her self and the family, landing her in Jail and when the secret life she lead catches up with her it dipped the wound. But God is a God of second chance. How does Betty handle the second chance? At the end of the tunnel, there is surely a light.

LIFE IN A TUNNEL is a family movie with dozens of vital life lessons to unpack to it viewers. Movie lovers would expect good quality picture and sound as they walk into the Accra International Conference Centre on the 14th March 2015 at, 7:00pm Prompt.

Graphic Act


The casts is made of professional groomed actors like Edem Dzamefe Dafeamekpor who plays (Betty) the lead roll, Nana Yaa Agyare, playing Dr. May a close friend to Betty, Nelson Ajala, Akosua Owusua, Ayeyi Atiemo, as Betty’s children, Phinehas Arthur as Chris, Betty’s new Husband, Jude Mate, Emmett Tumbay, Ninette Harding, Esmond W. Aggrey, just to mention a few. All great actors carefully selected by the director Newman Uche Eze to bring the spirit to the Script. The entire movie location was shot in Accra Ghana.

It’s a known fact that the same industry across sister nation Nigerian is thriving, the Christian body in Ghana hopes Life in a tunnel will inspire other Christian movie makers to take up the challenge so in no time we’ll see an emerging industry, counting so much that this will not be a 9 day wonder.

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