One of Ghana’s young, emerging playwrights, Kobina Ansah, has always had a queer means of getting the attention of his readers and audience with his queer titles.

Exactly last year Valentine, he hit the road of theatre with his high-voltage, humorous, first-ever seasonal stage play, This Family Is Not For Sale Season 1. This play which highlighted the problematic family of The Abbans mocked how we live as a society.

“No family is without issues… without problems,” he hinted. “No matter how problematic your family is, you still don’t put it on OLX or Tonaton. You don’t put it up for sale no matter what,” he laughed.

The The Mirror columnist confessed that he had juju too. “I have had people ask me if I really said that. Yes I did. I have juju,” he breathed. “And my juju is my ink. I use it to influence society.”

After Season 1 of This Family Is Not For Sale, he did a re-run which he called “Season 1 Reloaded” and further rolled out Season 2 in late September last year. Season 2 mocked society’s unnecessary, wasteful expenses made on corpses and funerals in general. “Love me now or love me not when I am no more,” was the catch phrase.

“I have a thing for using catchy titles to get the attention of people. I sometimes write my content before searching for a title for them… sometimes taking me days,” he explained. “Titles are everything to a writer, especially in this part of our world where reading or going to the theatre to watch a play is as difficult as anything you can’t imagine,” he added.

“Your greatest weapon as a writer is your title. Use it. Use it well,” he advised.

Come Saturday, February 13 2016 at the Central Cafeteria of University of Ghana, Kobina Ansah will unveil his new play, I Want To Sue God!, a satire which makes mockery of how we literally blame God for choices we make on our own. One of such choices is marriage which the play throws so much light on.

“To live happily ever after is a decision… not a wish,” he insisted. Asked if his title was not blasphemous, he said, “Come on. God has a sense of humor. He even admonished Job in the Bible to present his case if he thought he hadn’t been fairly dealt with.”

I Want To Sue God! promises to be a must-watch considering the quality of work Kobina Ansah rolled out last year. If history is anything to go by, you might have to book your seat in advance.

“My team and I have prepared adequately. You will learn, laugh and have fun, too. First show is 4pm. Second show is 7pm.”



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