Kwasi Ernest, CEO of Media Excel Production has reacted to threats by producers of Accra FM’s gospel entertainment show, Gospel 360 that he should apologise to them else they will not play songs from any of his artistes on the show again.

Papa Richie in a conversation with Zionfelix on Radio Univers’ Brunch2Lunch entertainment show disclosed that Kwasi Ernest’s act of ordering his artiste, Abena Ruthy to walk out of their studio on Sunday, January 22 during an interview is a disrespect to the show host, producers and listeners.

The angry radio presenter urged the boss of Media Excel to publicly apologise to them else none of the artistes signed on his record label including SP Kofi Sarpong, Joyce Blessing, Bernice Offei, Loisa and others will be promoted on Gospel 360 entertainment show again.

The boss of Media Excel Production speaking to Zionfelix on Radio Univers Tuesday morning concerning Papa Richie’s threatening remark stated clearly that he would not say sorry for walking his artiste out of the studio.

Justifying his action, the music producer cum manager revealed that he did not disrespect the show. To him, what he did on Sunday was to protect his artiste, Abena Ruthy’s brand.

“As a manager, I seek to protect the interest of my artiste. I felt at that particular moment that walking her (Abena Ruthy) out of the studio was the best option than my artiste being ridiculed. My artiste told me when we went out that she felt down when they stopped playing her song to play different artiste’s song. What I did was professionalism but not ridiculing the show or its host.” he told Zionfelix.

Commenting on the apology, he affirmed, “I won’t go by what that young man is saying. If I follow him, I may lose my credibility as a music producer. I want to disregard that statement and think as if he never mentioned an apology at all.”

He should go and investigate who I am and the kind of work I am doing. I do music 24 hours and I’ve also done music for 17 years. No single individual or no radio station can blacklist my artiste because the work we are doing is not being controlled by man but God.”

Whether he, Richmond has the power to blacklist, let him go ahead. We are all here and we shall see what God can do. I’ll not write any apology to anyone so if he and his management want to blacklist, let them do so.” angry Kwasi Ernest added.

Kwasi Ernest asked his artiste, Abena Ruthy to walk out of the studios of Accra FM on Sunday when they went on Gospel 360 to promote the musician’s second album launch slated for Sunday, January 29 at the National Theater.

Watch Abena Ruthy’s interview  below.

Source : zionfelix

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