When leading volunteers, staff, employees or family members who are unwilling to submit to our leadership and serve, we often struggle to find ways to establish leadership. What is it that builds teams that are ready to serve?

There is a story in 2 Samuel 23 of three mighty men who served King David to the point of sacrifice. The way they did so is by providing the king with a cup of water that David so strongly desired to drink: water from Bethlehem that was by that time under the Philistine camp’s control.

With courage and faithfulness in their heart, they chose to serve their king despite the danger it imposed. What was it about these men that made them so willing to serve even if it meant putting themselves in danger?

One thing we must clarify is that these men were far from “mighty” when David met them. When they were first introduced in 1 Samuel 22, the Bible described these three warriors as distressed, discontented and in debt. That doesn’t sound very mighty at all. But David saw differently when he looked at these men and their comrades, the same way God looked so differently at him when He called him to be anointed by the prophet Samuel.

Even if these men were distressed, in bad financial stand and losing in life, he took them in and “became their leader” as scripture says. David showed grace and love the same way God had showed him grace and love in so many points in his life.

As a result, these three men served willingly when their service was demanded. They refused to grumble and refused to offer anything less than what was asked.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck with a team that isn’t willing to serve us because we are not willing to serve them. Matthew 20:28 reminds us that “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Service is not maximised when it is required. It is rather given to an unlimited potential when it is freely given. When we are leaders who are ready to lead by serving other people, it’s always easier for people to submit knowing that you act in the love and grace that God has shown.

When was the last time that you served your staff? Your volunteers? Your employees?

Source: Christian Today

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