So I was preaching recently at my fathers church and I said something.

I said “Jesus, who was prepared from the foundation of the World as the Lamb of God who will carry the burden and sins of men to the cross, fell down on his way to be crucified, and it took another man by name Joseph of Arimathea to help Him carry the cross to the very place designed, selected and prepared for the completion of the Redemption plan”.

So tell me, who are you to think you are good on your own and that you don’t need anybody. Everybody needs somebody.

It’s about time that instrumentalist and Ministers give respect to each other because no matter what you think you have, you need the other to function well.

Yes, you are the finest guitarist around and everyone knows and so what? Yes you are the most anointed Minister with the most soothing voice ever and so what? Errrrm don’t forget there was once a man who’s walking alone was an instrument.

Oh yes, his laughter alone was another instrument all together. He was more than 5000men Orchestra. So tell me now, what have you that is sooo unique that makes you see yourself as the only one that matters, and because you don’t get to have things your way, all hell should break lose. My brother relax because whatever you think you can do, it’s just by grace and not because you are too much.

Is not easy to be accepted in your very society as a minister than it is as an instrumentalist so respect the guy who by the grace of God gets the invitation and carries you along so you can exhibit your gift even as you praise and worship God.

Ask yourself how many churches won’t be happy if you just enter to say ” you can play the keyboards for them ” But ask how many ministers can just enter a church then say ” I can sing ” then all of a sudden, they are called to sing.

We know it doesn’t work like that. I know most of us will say ” oh but he should thank me too for playing it for him ” and that is why the old church will tell you we never played instruments yet we saw the hand of the Lord better in our days than what we see in your time where juju is no news in ministry.

Even if you get a gig on your own as pianist or drummer, ask if it wasn’t because someone saw you and called you. As to where you were spotted, you have no idea. Won’t there be another minister for that very program?  So if it’s not because the minister will need to work with you, would you have been called?

Finally, sometimes some of these ministers look at what they are blessed with at an event and they sacrifice everything for you because looking at what was given, there is no way he can get something out. So they leave everything there for you and go home empty handed.

It’s not because the have much, it is because they respect your efforts so never take them for granted. Don’t think it’s nothing because there is no sacrifice that is toooo little when you don’t know what the person is dealing with too. The fact that they can’t get you fat money today doesn’t mean they can never get there with you. Ask yourself how much effort you are putting in to help that minister. How many programs have you brought on the table since you teamed up with him.

Aside playing what else are you doing to help him. Do you pray for him or what? I admire one of our own who after a concert asked every instrumentalist I played with to come back and thank me for the opportunity and the envelope. And I will never forget this gentleman.

Brothers, it’s not that simple o, we go through everything you go through too so sometimes be grateful for what you think is very little because we might be going home with nothing at all.

Sometimes most of you think without you they are not able to function but let me remind you, when God called him, you weren’t the first instrumentalist he played with. Some traveled, some left and he survived it all. When you leave he will survive not because he is toooo good.

Naaaaa, but because anything born of God will stand the test of time. That means either you play or not, it will stand. Some other time, I will deal with the Ministers too, but for now my brothers, let’s chill.  God bless and help us all and the job ain’t easy.

By: Qwame Gyedu

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