The notion that God picks leaders for nations in this era is not true. All over the world, the most popular people in the popular parties win elections and become leaders of their nations

The God I serve, is not a God who makes popular and predictable decisions like choosing Mahama or Akuffo Addo. These are purely human centred decisions

God will never interfere with our choice; impose someone on us so that we blame Him when the person underperforms

He has given us that responsibility and it therefore lies with us to make wise voting decisions on Wednesday and live with the consequence of our choice

When we make the right choice, we will all enjoy, when we make the wrong choice, we have only ourselves to blame

If all of us decide to vote for Jacob Osei Yeboah, no amount of prophesy or spiritual intervention can prevent him from becoming our president because regarding who leads us, our choice is God’s choice.

Ghanaians are very religious but less spiritual. We blame God for our mistakes and take solace in the fact that God knows best when we carelessly refuse to obey our conscience and make wrong decision

Some will vote for Nana Addo knowing deep within that Mahama has done enough and deserves to be given a second term to see out what he has started

Another will vote for Mahama knowing very the man has failed and therefore the earlier we halt the rot the better

These same people will say God when it is indeed them who made the decision to elect whoever wins the election

This article is intended to dispel the notion that God has prepared someone for Presidency and conscientise people to move from the entrenched position they have taken because of the various prophesies and predictions and take the responsibility of choosing a leader of this nation

Nana says the battle is the Lord’s; Mahama raises his hand to signal that he is a man who reveres God. The truth is that all these are done to woe people who buy everything and think everyone who calls the name of God is indeed a man of God or from Him.

As citizens and equally religious people, we have a responsibility to vote the vote of our conscience. If deep down your heart you know Nana Addo deserves it, vote for him; if deep down your heart Mahama deserves one more term vote for him.

Don’t put your vote on autopilot without considering the facts and hide behind God. God accepts whoever we all decide to vote for

If we all decide to vote for Papa Kwesi Nduom, Heaven will accept him as the president of Ghana

This means that we have a responsibility to support whoever emerges victorious because our choice becomes Heavens choice

As a Christian, I will vote for the person I sincerely thinks deserves to be my President. I will not vote against my conscience.

The most important thing is that I am not going to vote for anyone because Owusu Bempah, Prophet Badu or any prophet has predicted victory for him. If that prophesy is true, with or without my vote, the person they have prophesied in favour of will still win

One thing must also be noted, the fact that a prophesy has come in favour of one candidate or the other doesn’t mean that person is the chosen one by God. Prophesy foretells events ahead of time, it does not necessarily influence it to be so. It just tells what will be because God sees tomorrow as if it happened yesterday

This why I find the prophesies that says, Mahama will win but if he doesn’t take care, Nana Addo will snatch it from him an apology. You don’t even need to hear the voice of God to know that if Mahama is not careful Nana will win or the other way wrong.

This is pure adjana one adjana two prophesy

That said, one or two prophets have made some bold predictions, it doesn’t matter; it is our choice that is eventually blessed by God. The fact that Nana Addo wins just as Owusu Bempah has prophesied doesn’t mean Nana Akuffo Addo is the man God has chosen for us. It also applies to Mahama who Prophet Badu Kobi has tipped to win. It is our choice that ultimately becomes the choice of God

This is why as citizens we need to take responsibility and exercise our franchise. If you don’t vote, others will vote the ‘wrong’ person for you and God will recognise that person

Don’t blame God if you don’t make the right voting decision

Four years is a long time. This is your chance as a citizen to choose who leads you.

God will bless whoever you decide to vote for
This is the exact principles God applies to marriage. Inwardly, he will try to guide you to make the right choice. But the ultimate decision lies with you. If you decide not to marry the woman God leads you to marry, you have not committed any sin- you live with the consequence of your choice

On Wednesday we have the chance to choose a bride for the next for four years. It is up to you to choose and not up to God to impose one on you

It is as simple as that

By: Isaac Kyei Andoh

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