The best vacation is the one you spend with your significant other. A romantic getaway is important not only for newlyweds but also for couples that are building their already existing relationship. offers you the list of eight most interesting places to spend an unforgettable romantic holiday together.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about romantic couple getaways is a short trip to Paris. Your ideal day will begin with a breakfast with fresh crispy croissants. The city of love will surely make your vacation memorable.

France’s eternal youth and unique atmosphere beckon travelers. The grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, the elegance of the Champs Elysees, the beauty of Versailles and Fontainebleau, the mystery of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the magnificence of the Grand Opera enchant tourists. Paris is probably the most elegant of the world’s capitals. Hundreds of architectural masterpieces, rich collections in numerous museums, cafes, and restaurants, original streets and shops, melodic sound of the accordion… The special atmosphere and elusive charm of this extraordinary city stay with you forever.

Maldives and the Dominican Republic

If you can’t imagine romance without flawlessly pure sand and endless sea, then head to the Maldives or the Dominican Republic. Maldives offers romantic weekend getaways on beautiful beaches with the purest water and white sand. Numerous coral species and diverse underwater life made this place popular with scuba divers. The Dominican Republic is a true paradise, where summer never ends. Caribbean reefs are crawling with amazing sea animals and fish. Almost all hotels in the Dominican Republic are known for their high quality of service. While you’re there, be sure to enjoy delicious local cuisine.


Looking for the best wine and tasty pizza? Check out the island of Santorini, which, according to legends, is the only remaining part of the legendary Atlantis. You’ll visit neighboring volcanic islands and hot springs, get acquainted with Santorini winemaking, cuisine, architecture, and traditions and search for traces of civilizations lost in centuries. The charm of romantic getaways in Santorini is unforgettable.

The United Arab Emirates

If you’re a fan of urban romance, then go to the United Arab Emirates. You’ll fall in love with the cloudless sky, the golden sand, the warm sea, and the highest level of service, and the abundance of entertainment for people of all ages and a great choice of souvenirs in shops and markets will become a pleasant addition to your holiday.


Bavaria, Austria, or Switzerland – the choice is yours. In each of these regions, the greatness and beauty of nature will make you forget about problems and feel the real taste of life. Your best romantic getaway ever will be complemented with boat rides along the transparent mountain lakes, bathing in thermal springs with stunning views, and delicious dinners in cozy restaurants. And here’s a little plus – the Alps are great at any time of the year, and you don’t have to like skiing to spend an unforgettable vacation there.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Most romantic getaways turn into lying on the beach for days on end. But yours may be different. If you prefer active rest and want some romance at the same time, book a ticket to Peru! There you can go on a unique hiking tour and meet the dawn in the ancient city of the Inca Empire. What could be more romantic than this adventure in the high mountain jungle?

There are enough destinations for romantic weekend getaways, so you only need to decide what kind of getaway suits you best.

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