Contrary to a lot of traditional beliefs where a lady is asked to seek first a man who can cater for her and the family when it comes to marriage, author Mercy Balogun has advised that ladies seek more of a man’s vision before marriage.

Being a wife, mother of three, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a musician all in one, Mercy can undoubtedlt be regarded as one that has seen almost all when it comes to issues of love, marriage and managing a family in this contemporary society.

It is with this vast background of experience and biblical principles, that Mercy put together her first book titled “Fall in love With His Vision Not His Wallet”; a book that discusses what men and women want and highlights key elements for those who desire to enter into lasting relationships.

The book, is a needed resource for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of enjoying a successful godly relationship or marriage as Mercy B points out the dangerous ‘Red Light’ which we must all avoid or seek help if we find them operating in our lives.

At a meet-up with the press this week, Mercy B made it clear that there the need to know oneself as well as the partner before accepting to be on the marriage journey because, marriage is not a journey to be returned from.

“Marriage is for matured people. You can’t enter marriage and after just six months or years you are bored or can’t go on just because your partner snores or is not romantic or is untidy… Who goes around divorcing over that?”

She advised that communication is a very effective tool in any relationship, and urged that everyone, gets a copy of her book to learn more.

“Marriage is an institution that one must be prepared for, physically and spiritually before going into it” she added.

We live in an age where the subject of relationship has taken many forms. Who is the right partner? How do you know if he/she loves you? What is marriage? These and many more are addressed in “Fall in love With His Vision Not His Wallet” by Mercy Balogun

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