KOFI SAPRONGOn Sunday, November 1 2015 , I witnessed the worst album launch I have ever attended since joining the Christian Entertainment review fraternity.

However, I will not be surprised if all the scribes of our Entertainment industry, hail SPT Kofi Sarpong on their front pages or sing a “good show” chorus in unison during talk-shows concerning his Album launch .
Yeah!! the purpose was to raise money for SPT and outdoor the new album yeah he got money. We thank God for that.
But I was so sad indiscipline could hit an album launch of such a high profile person.

The album I believe is a power packed album and I personally like the track SPT Kofi Sarpong did with Joyce Blessing .. That song will be a major hit.
Attendance was well deserving since the launch was heralded by massive media Publicity.

My beef
What was the plan for the day? My answer, no plan.
There was an absolute lack of coordination on stage.

MC-ing :
What was Dr. Kwesi Ernest, manager of SP Sarpong doing as an MC? OMG he was so bad on the night, at a point, he spoke on end till the audience became fed-up.

To make matters worse, he doubled as a coordinator, turning away from his audience and giving his ushers the instructive eye.
The MC cum coordinator role he played on the day was quite shambolic.
The plan B was probably Obed, who was all over the place.
Was he the MC,Usher or the director?
His jack of all attitude even worsened matters.

The ladies were simply tag issuers. End of story. Not one, made an effort to direct patrons to their seat.
.”Superman” Obed was again seen RUNNING in between the crowd to attend to people.

If I may ask, who was directing the show. Obed or Nii or the guy who normally come on stage with SPT or the gentlemen who walked to the stage more than the footprint camera man conveying messages to the MCs ? Oooo Nii I heard you were the director and saw how frustrated you were from the beginning of the program till the end.
Indiscipline made simple.
There was no discipline, both on and off stage. some crew members were just moving to and fro in-front of the dignitaries. Even Francis Amo had to prompt one of the ladies to take alternative routes but it fell on deaf ears.
The movements continued.
What irked me the more was when a guest was made to stand in front of the audience for minutes, before being offered a seat.

Although individually good, the bands men did not jell together on stage on the day. Their lack of coordination made them look bad on the night. And what was the drummer doing when WILLIE & MARK called out to him? The guy was just having a chat on stage with another bands man and laughing his head off whiles in the middle of a performance.

Maybe I did not see it well, did SPT Kofi Sarpong start singing before the backers RUN to the stage.. Eeiiii did you do this to the respected SPT KOFI SARPONG? Really? Seriously ?

SOUND : Since was almost impeccable except for a few hitches.

Overall, the launch was overrated and did not live up to the hype.
Gospel event organizers must know that God is a God of perception and if it must be done, it must be done excellently. God accepts true worship and it must be reflected in every aspect of an event. let’s learn how to be disciplined in His presence. I hope other organizers will take a cue from this.
To SPT Kofi Sarpong if by chance you read this,  This is my word to you .

Congratulations for your new album. It is my prayer your album breaks through the local market and even beyond to make the impact God has designed it to make. AMEN !!!!!!!

BY: Adu-Gyamfi Jnr

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