Renowned gospel musician Lydia Dedei Tagoe, a member of Tagoe Sisters, has pointed accusing fingers at disc jockeys (DJ’s) and presenters for killing Ghanaian music.

In a discussion on This Is Gospel with Franky5 on Hitz FM, she disclosed that the DJs popularised foreign songs than local songs leading to the low patronage of Ghanaian songs.

“I do not blame Ghanaians or Ghana as a nation but the DJs who play our songs are the ones killing our songs,” she said.

She added that during a trip to Nigeria, she realised that, their audience could not sing some of the Nigerian songs that are even popular in Ghana.

The veteran singer with over two decades experience noted that some of the DJs only played songs pleasant to their ears.

She went further to claim DJs preferred foreign songs to local ones, leading to local artistes paying ‘payola’ to get airplay.

Source:  Hitz FM

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