Cwesi Oteng, today released his new single titled Blessed Be, which comes off his upcoming joint-album with Flo’Riva Inc. dubbed Anthems.

This comes after the release of Miracle Worker last week, thus the two singles have been released within a space of a week and this gives a hint of something grand to come.

“Anthems is a collection of short, simple but anointed songs God gave us during the long process of putting together the latter part of my upcoming third solo album. The songs came as short choruses and so we decided to keep the composition and production as simple as possible and make them easy-to- sing along songs for everyone, from kids to the elderly as well as churches and families.

They are songs for congregational worship time and for personal prayer and devotion time. The Anthems album will essentially be a live experience recording when ready but we felt ‘Blessed Be’, Miracle Worker’ and ‘He Changeth Not’ needed to be out now to bless lives and set the pace for what is to come hence the free release,” Cwesi said.

‘Blessed Be’ and ‘Miracle Worker’ have their roots in Psalms 77, 113 and 126. They relate the power in Jesus’ name when called upon and attest to the miraculous provisions of God. Miracles remind us that God does not depend on the elements of nature or man’s abilities in order to do the impossible. “It is my prayer that anyone in need of the move or touch of God in any particular is empowered with faith to receive that needed miracle even as one listens to ‘Miracle Worker’ and may hearts be filled with gratitude when ‘Blessed Be’ is played,” He added.



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