Captain Tinashe MagachaThe talented gospel dancehall artist, Tinashe Magacha has done it again. His live performance of his song hande featuring his brother, Sebastian Magacha and the talented African Joy artists left the crowd jumping and dancing.

This fresh wave of gospel dancehall has entered the gospel scene with a , something memorable. His performance of hande will leave you dancing and you will not feel guilty because you will be doing it all for the Lord!

He calls himself Captain Tinashe Magacha and this song is new and fresh. If he keeps this up he will be a force to reckon with as one o the pioneers of gospel dancehall.

The beat has a jazzy feel to it and him, Sabastian, African Joy and the dancers are full of positive energy and this rubs off onto the crowd who go into a frenzy as they danced and sang along. This is a new, fresh and vibrant turn to Zimbabwean gospel and it I exciting.

The Captain sing and encourages people to go to the house of the Lord as Jesus is about to make his second coming. This live performance is a must watch for all the dancehall fans and this will capture the ever growing population of dancehall fans in Zimbabwe.

So, listen to it, sing along and tell everyone you know about this young, new and vibrant artist.

Credit: Gospel Nation

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