Songstress headliner of Celestial Praise, Celestine Donkor has added her voice to the growing masses over ‘nudity discourse” that characterize the Dancehall Star Ebony Reigns.

In an open letter via her Facebook page, Celestine said:

#Dear Ebony
I have taken time to listen to your songs, and watched most of your live performances on utube. I must say you are a very talented artist….actually ..
#YourTalent&Style: weight for me, is like combining 3 secular female artist whom I don’t want to mention their names here.
#YourLyrics: are very smart and takes a very strong feminist disposition- Empowering women and bringing out challenges and Delimer that young ladies face.
#YourVoice: is simply amazing! Very strong and catches attention instant attention without negotiation.
#YourBrand: though still developing Is a contagious fever that can’t be ignored. With a strategic management team, you are capable of contending with any Competitor.
Now the contradiction about you is how you interpret all these great qualities on stage….. My point is with all these….. Is ‘nudity’ necessary? I really want to know, what value does exposing your nakedness to the public add to your brand…. Because actually, it’s not Like going nakedly wild on stage is something new……. Mzbel did that before……..

Following this post, she was asked in an interview on Entertainment Review on Thursday why she wouldn’t reach Ebony personally to give her piece of advice to her and whether she was out on an attention seeking spree, Celestine reiterated that she admires Ebony and thinks she is a great artistes and that she had tried to reach out to Ebony via twitter and other social media platforms but to no avail as such the open letter.

She refuted any claims that this was for her to get attention saying “..this is not about me trying to get attention at all, cos if it was then Ebony would also be getting more attention since her name is being mentioned alongside”.

Manager of Ebony, Bullet (of Ruff & Smooth), also in an interview on the same show said he agrees totally with Celestine when she says Ebony is a talented and great artiste but also disagrees with her totally on her assertion that his artiste, is a “nudist”. He urged Celestine to get more understanding on how brands are built and what brand Ebony represents.


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