He’s known for his worship poetry which he calls poetship across the shores of Accra and beyond. Over the years, poetship has gained roots within the contemporary and traditional gospel music industry. His name is Braa Kwaku, The Worship Poet.

The release of Daakye Bi is set to prepare the way for the launch if his maiden album in 2017.

Speaking to GospelGh, Braa Kweku explained why “Daakyi Bi”.

“Daakyi Bi” basically is a prayerful poetic sermonette that encourages believers to continue abiding in Christ and the grace He has given us.

“All the things happening are signs of the end times and confirmation of several Biblical prophecies testify that we are surely in the end times” Braa Kweku said.

He added that, “very soon our Lord Jesus Christ will appear to take up the Saints with Him to HEAVEN. Let us hold on to our faith for in the end, our reward will be great. This particular piece was informed by a series of similar dreams about the end times. After the last one, I got startled and began pondering about some of the things John talks about in the book of Revelations.”

“I featured on this particular piece, Ruth Adjei of Liquid Prayers fame and this project was recorded and mastered in the studios of Soundz Kitchen by Stephen Tetteh.”

“I assure all my fans that the links will be available immediately after the release on 1st December, 2016” he said.

It’s all about #Poetship

By: Derek Dapaah (GospelGh)

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