“Over some time i have as i always do made some observations which i want to share with my friends on this honorable platforms.

Let me take us back a little. Some time ago gospel music we were told was boring and lacked the push. It was flat and there was no energy. Hence we all began to take some cues from the likes of Integrity Music and co.

In fact i can confidently say that majority of the guys who learnt how to play one instrument or the other learnt from the likes of Tom Brooks Abraham Laboriel Chester Thompson and co. Those were the days.

Then came in the new era. The new breed. The days of Chris Coleman’s Kevin Bonds Lawrence Jones Bishop and co. These are the guys whom i refer to as the one’s who came to perfect the art. More like the icing on the cake.

So our bands begin to play like these guys giving us some feel of the Americas. Yes it makes it sound nice to the ears. But i think with time our musicians are becoming noise makers. Why do i say so?


For sometime it looks as if each and every one of our drummers wants to play and sound the same. Hit hard, do a lot of snare and tom works with multiple kicks. Play off! Separate your hits! Yes! You have arrived!

I listen to different genres of music and i try to listen in for the kind of drums i hear being played when i go for events but i hardly find any. These foreign guys have their drum lines very distinct. U hear a tom when it is play. U hardly hear them play the kind of off cymbal rides and kicks accompanied with loud snare hits we do here.

To be honest with you I am still struggling to find a drummer in a part of this world who plays better than Frank who used to play for Kojo Antwi. U listen to our own Osei on drums for Kojo Antwi. It’s so lovely to hear.

The rest of our guys get carried away and play as if all music lovers understand their kind of rudiments. Music is best enjoyed if it makes SENSE. As far as I am concerned i think our guys need to go back to really get their grooves on.

I think our guys need to know the difference between a show off and a joint play. If you’re alone in some jazz set up and u’re asked to solo, YES! then you can give us all the reason to believe that you’re the best.

However if it’s in a joint play like a ministration we got to limit the solos and go pro. Maybe i will give credit to Eric Jeshurun Okyere‘s drummer Ernest, Emmanuel Bludo. I think they’re a few of the guys who appeal to me now.

We’ve had some fine drummers lately but i think with time dey are developing into noise makers. The earlier they check it the better for the industry.

My 1 Pesewa opinion.

As i always do it’s debatable you can counter but let’s keep it decorous. A glorious weekend to you all.

Watch out for part two We dwell on our keyboardists bass players guitarists…”

-Quesi Boate-


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