Afro-pop singer and daughter to Bishop George Adjeman (head bishop of Winners Chapel Ghana) Adomaa, has ranted out on people she describes as “judgmental Christian”.

Ghana’s latest sensation in afro-pop music, in her recent post via Facebook expressed her complete displeasure about comments from various individuals (or critics) especially within the Christian body about her chosen career.

The topmost of these comments have been the fact that, since she is daughter of a preacher and has decided to do music, she is “supposed to” do Gospel music.

“In full rant mood cuz I’m sick and tired of us judgmental Christians!!!
Reading the comments on the collaboration between Kirk Franklin and Kanye West and I’m like 😣😣😣
Christianity is simply living like Christ but these days everyone feels they have the best definition of how to live like Christ. People are very quick to judge you or put you down when they feel you’re not living according to what that definition is.
I want to sing so it must be gospel or else I’m a sinner. No one advises or says anything like “Hey! You should be a gospel lawyer or doctor”. Everyone is quick to say I’m straying because I say I don’t believe that gospel is a genre – it’s a message. I’m an Afro-jazz artiste. I perform at a jazz bar and they see the tag “bar” and wrinkle their noses cuz Christians don’t sing at pubs and bars. It’s for the worldly.
They think I left the choir at church cuz of the buzz but I was not there singing in church for month’s cuz the choir was suspended and was being restructured –months before the Baafira/Adonai mashup dropped. They say I do my style of music to appeal to my fan base. I say “Thank God I even have a fan base” cuz this time last year, no one knew my name. I just followed my heart, not anticipating that people would actually notice let alone go crazy!
People wonder why it should be seen as a testimony that God has opened doors for me cuz… “Ah can’t they hear her singing worldly songs?” Last I checked, the ‘Word’ was to the “World” not to the Christian community. I’m not here to fit into people’s description of how I should live. Everyone has their own blueprint; their path. I have mine.
People don’t get it. They don’t want to get it. But that’s not a problem. They say actions speak louder than words but I think music has a wider deeper reach. Soon they’ll get it…”

She said

In the release of her latest 6 track EP dubbed “Afraba EP”, Adomaa addressed this issue even better with a song titled “Born Again” featuring her dad, Bishop George Adjeman. (Listen Below)

In the song, she sings about her struggles as a singer who is expected to use her voice to sing ONLY gospel music and that for her “background”, she can’t sing any other.

Her post on Facebook attracted various comments from people of all spheres, including her own dad. Bishop Adjeman in his comment advised her daughter saying,

“Adomaa, stop fuelling the so called “controversy”.
Focus on your assignment and excel in it. Not everybody will like you – either as a person or a singer. Know what you are about, give it the best you can. The field is rough, FOCUS, and you’ll make it.  Your dad is proud of you, and all the youngsters that have Christ burning in them!

adomaa comment

Adomaa shot to fame sometime last year when she released her first mashup video and single “Baafira” followed by other mashups.

By: Julius Ofori Boadu

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