Please hear my heart! God came to me and spoke this message to me plainly.

He is tired of what is going on. He has waged war against the secular industry for it’s negative influence on this world. The secular industry has embraced Satan and his plan. They have brought forth the most powerful demonic spirit of influence that this world has ever seen. The same spirit that was in heaven and was cast down. It is the true spirit of the anti-Christ! Hip hop was birthed through it and now it is controlling the industry. When you join forces with secular artists, you are working against God. You see, gone are the days when you could try to minister from within the secular industry. The secular industry now claims salvation just like you!

They feel that they are okay with God. They are lead astray by the carnality of Christians that desire to mix and mingle with them. And now, they serve their own gods. They serve their own lusts. They defile the minds of youth everywhere and you are giving them your stamp of approval by recording with them, working with them, singing and performing with them.

God wants you out of the secular industry! He never ordained secular record deals for Christians. He never called music to exist by itself without being subject to the church! He never ordained music to leave it’s covering. But now, it’s hard for some big name Gospel artists to minister in the church. Many times we have to go to secular venues and pay money to hear Gospel music! If you are signed to a company and God is not in control, then it will be hard to stay true to your ministry. God never made his ministry subject to secular powers.

That would be like your Pastor being governed by a secular power and told what he can or cannot preach! Artists, beware! God is coming to set the record straight. He is commanding you to clean house. Repent! Do not support the evil one, or his workers. God is gonna reclaim his gifts, his music, and his ministries. He is drawing a line between the secular and the righteous. Which side are you standing on!

By G. Craige Lewis | EX Ministries

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