Since the release of his groundbreaking worship anthem, “I Give Myself Away,” several years ago, William McDowell has consistently demonstrated the strength of his pen and his voice in the worship music community.

In addition to chart-topping radio hits and sales, his last album, Withholding Nothing, garnered him his first GRAMMY nomination and won the 2015 Stellar Award for Praise & Worship CD of the Year. It’s no wonder, then, that McDowell now releases his new album, Sounds of Revival, to great anticipation across the globe.

With expert production by McDowell and longtime collaborator Clay Bogan, Sounds of Revival is a masterfully presented worship experience, captured at a live recording at Baton Rouge’s Bethany Church in June of 2015. The 15-track project is so cohesive and well-orchestrated, moving effortlessly between tempos and keys, that it could stand on its own as one continuous moment of praise and worship, a signature of William McDowell’s albums.

The project opens with the energy-building opening track, “To The Chief Musician,” foreshadowing the moments that are to come, before launching into the upbeat “Life,” featuring Taylor Poole, and “We Just Want You,” both of which will easily make their way

into the praise rotations of churches across the country. The island-vibed “It Is So” follows, featuring popular artist Travis Greene, along with an infectious church-ready reprise of thesame.

Sounds of Revival transitions and slows a bit with the beautiful and introspective “Reveal,” featuring José Garrafa, before launching into McDowell’s powerful single, “Spirit Break Out.” It’s a well-arranged reworking of a popular worship song, with Trinity Anderson delivering a refreshing and passionate lead vocal.

The project transitions seamlessly to “Come Like a Rushing Wind,” begging for God’s presence with great expectation, and “Don’t Mind Waiting,” which wondrously captures the atmosphere of worship from the night.

As if in response, “Jesus Is Here” and “Hymn of Praise” follow, and listeners can sense the sweetness of the moment as McDowell and singers Julia McMillan and Daniel Johnson lead us in savoring the moment. Taylor Poole and Trinity Anderson deliver a staggeringly captivating duet on “When You Walk Into the Room,” before the album lands at its lead single, the epic and popular “Send the Rain.”

The song is wrought with almost insatiable expectation as it leads into “Heaven’s Open” (again, featuring Daniel Johnson) and the celebratory album closer, “Rain Only Matters/Expecting A Harvest.”

Even more than great music, this project is a movement, beginning with our own personal renewal and leading to global revival across the Earth. Sounds of Revival is a must-have worship experience that will easily stand out as one of the year’s best worship albums.

Listen to snippets of Sounds of Revival via iTunes and buy your copy today!

By: Pkay Darko


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