Bernard Elbernard1. The strength of the leader determines the strength of the organization.

2. The success of the people determines the success of the organization

3. The vision of the organization determines its future.

4. The vision of the organization is more important than the leader.

5. The leader of the organization is the one who receive, define, clarify, and communicate its vision.

6.The commitment of the people must be to the leader and to the vision,

7.It is the leader’s responsibility to shift the allegiance of the people from a personality to the vision. if the people are fed with the vision, they can feel it, see it, feed on it, personalize it and become it.

8. Your future can easily be predicted by looking at what you are pursuing and who you are following,

9. The greatness of your leadership in people.

10. The most important leadership responsibility is preparing the next generation of godly leaders.

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